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  • 03 Jan 2013 6:40 AM | Anonymous

    Are you newer to the OD profession (or know someone who is) and seeking a terrific opportunity? If so, please consider this new OE Specialist role at the OSU Wexner Medical Center:

    The Organizational Effectiveness Specialist will work closely and collaboratively with the Associate Director and Organizational Effectiveness Consultants within the department to support a variety of initiatives designed to contribute to a workplace of choice environment.  This includes coordinating the administration of the physician, faculty and staff satisfaction and engagement survey and resulting action plans.  The person in this role will support the organizational effectiveness consultants by designing surveys, focus groups, assimilation and other assessments, conducting interviews, and supporting OD interventions.  This person may be called upon to make presentations to a variety of leadership groups.  This position reports to the Associate Director of Leadership and Organization Effectiveness and will assist in the coordination of projects and programs.

    To apply, please visit the OSU Wexner Medical Center careers site at:


  • 05 Nov 2012 2:54 PM | Anonymous

    Do you think that CCODN is something special?

    Are you finding yourself continuously drawn to CCODN's high-quality programming and community of professionals?

    Do you see clear opportunities for improving the CCODN organization?

    If you answered "yes" to any one of the above questions... you should consider running for a CCODN Board position.

    Our organization needs dedicated, visionary, and collaborative individuals to help CCODN to realize its full potential and broaden its impact in the Central Ohio community.

    CCODN Board members commit to two years of service, with half of the leadership team turning over each year following a vote by members.  As we look toward the 2013-14 term, we will have two exciting opportunities up for election:

    • President-Elect: Works closely with and supports the President in the leadership of the CCODN organization, including the management of and succession planning for the CCODN Board.  The President-Elect serves one year in this role, and then automatically assumes the CCODN President role in the second year of service.
    • VP of Marketing & Communications: Responsible for the overall marketing of CCODN membership and programs, as well as all publications and communication vehicles for CCODN – including the organization’s website.  The VP of M&C serves a consecutive two-year term.

    Do you think you have something unique to offer to one of the above roles?  If you are interested, but not quite sure, reach out to either Jason P. Miller (current President) or Tom Rausch (current VP of Marketing) for more information.  Both of them would be happy to share their experiences with you.

    If you have decided that you want to officially throw your name in, contact Jason. 

  • 05 Sep 2012 2:27 PM | Deleted user
    ATTENTION: Please read the entire post (contains the Seminar information)

    "The Road to Conflict Transformation and High Reliability"

    What is the one thing that slows down progress and ruins relationships? Conflict
    If you could turn the destructive energy of conflict into the dynamic energy of creativity on the spot in real time, how valuable would that be for you?

    What is the one thing every team and organization wants? Results
    If you could learn a simple, tried, and proven way of getting results every time in your team or organization, how valuable would that be for you?

    Conscious Choosing for Flow combines two tried and proven approaches that have stood the test of time. One is Non-Violent Communication which addresses Needs, and the Feelings attached to them that drive everything we do as human beings in order to form our human connection. The other is High Reliability, used with airlines, healthcare, and nuclear power plants to guarantee results and manage errors. Combining these two approaches provides the access to make our relationships, teams, and organizations extremely effective.

    Learn how in our 1-day interactive experience called Conscious Choosing for FlowTM.

    Sponsored by Kurt S. Miller, Innovative Insights for Change & Tom Carlisi, Carlisi & Associates, LLC

    SPECIAL EVENT PRICING: $395.00 (regularly $595.00)*
    *Discount for additional attendees from the same company/organization (incls. CCODN members), 10% for 2, 20% 3+

    WHERE:                 The Blackwell Hotel and Conference Center (at OSU), 
                                   2110 Tuttle Park Place, Columbus, OH (614) 247-4000

    WHEN:                   September 11th

    TIME:                      8:00am to 5:00pm (Registration & Networking at 7:30)

    PRICE INCLUDES: Continental breakfast,  Lunch,  Course Materials
    For additional information and registration for the September 13th Trainer Certification and Affiliate On-Boarding, please visit

    Facilitated by Hayden D. M. Hayden, Chief Visionary at Conscious Choosing, LLC
    See for Hayden & his team's bios

    Click this link to go to the registration page (and you can look around the website as well)

    Please direct any questions to me, Kurt S. Miller, or (614)519-3183
  • 12 Aug 2012 8:24 PM | Anonymous
    The CCODN board is always interested in your input and would love to have you share your talents to help us with our mission: to explore, advance, and apply organization development technology and practices to benefit our members across Central Ohio. 

    There are lot's of ways to help out. We have opportunities in member outreach, planning and executing our monthly programming, special interest groups, social event planning, marketing and social networking. If you have a talent or passion you want to share, we want to hear from you. Just contact any board member and we will get you connected and involved!
  • 07 Apr 2012 3:39 PM | Anonymous
    Because one meeting a month is just not enough for our community... we are launching a whole new dimension to CCODN - Special Interest Groups (SIGs)!

    While we continue to provide our CCODN community with the rich, high-quality programming that we have come to be known for on every third Wednesday of the month, there will now be a new outlet for interaction through CCODN SIGs.

    SIGs are designed to be small open forums built around a specific topic of interest in the OD field. Typically a SIG will convene a few times a year outside the regular monthly meetings to enable deeper knowledge exchange and/or collaboration around the topic. Anyone can join in the conversation of any SIG at anytime - there are no restrictions and also no expectations.

    Based on information we collected from you - our members - over the past several months, here is the proposed list of SIGs we would like to start with:

    - Leadership Development
    - Organizational Culture
    - Change Management
    - Organization Structure
    - Talent Development and Management
    - Strategy
    - OD Field Trends
    - OD Tools and Instruments

    If any of these topics are a particular passion of yours... consider becoming the chair of that SIG! If you are not interested in chairing, that is OK... you can still join any SIG at any time.

    Reach out to me - Jason P. Miller (, and let me know how I can get you engaged in a new SIG. I'm excited to offer this new channel for learning and collaboration to our CCODN community.
  • 15 Mar 2012 4:56 PM | Anonymous

    We have a really cool format planned for our April meeting and are looking for a few of you intrepid thought-leaders to step forward and share your expertise. 
    Our Goal:
    To facilitate collaborative conversation through learning what our OD colleagues are working on and connecting the dots to our own work within the realm of OD.
    Want to Present? 
    Bring a current or recent project you’re excited about, want to share, and want feedback to move forward with or simply learn more.
    Categories Needed (based on our 2011 Programs Themes and what our members desire to learn more about):
    • Leadership Development (transitional, first line, middle manager, senior, executive)
    • Organizational Culture Change
    • Change Management
    • Organization Design 
    • Insert your fantastic Organization Development project here.... 
    In true poster form include…
    • An overview of the project
    • The objectives
    • Challenges and Obstacles
    • “Ah Ha Moments” 
    • Conclusion / Outcomes
    • Any feedback / questions you have for your OD colleagues
    If Interested, contact Jill Kildow at
    Poster presentation Resource:
    If you have never done a poster presentation, here is a resource to help you prepare a great poster presentation:

  • 20 Jan 2012 9:33 AM | Anonymous
    I would like to share with the whole CCODN LinkedIn community a follow-up from Maureen. Please join in on the innovative leadership conversation!


    I wanted to pass this comment along in response to the comment of Chris Kloth regarding the relationship of the individual leader and the organization. Shawn, the person making this comment is in my humble opinion, one of the leading thinkers in this field. He is heavily research oriented (can cite research like no one I have ever met) and also amazingly practical in down to earth in person. He was my coach during a 2 year program, Generating Transformative Change so I can say with no reservations that I have very high regard for his research and him as a person.

    Additionally, with regard to Leadership Agility group, it is based on the same work I use from a theory perspective. It is great stuff and the best conversation I have seen on linkedIn and probably anywhere on the topic of developmental theory. I also have a book group (started a week ago). I encourage people to join and start a conversation. While we are not as mature as others, it would be great to have our community in this dialogue! My group is Innovative Leadership Fieldbook and I would love to continue the conversation we started this evening on LinkedIn and share with the group. It is a “closed group” and I am happy to accept anyone who applies even if you have not read the book.

    Additionally, in my haste to get people out at 7:30, I forget to mention that I have a complementary innovative Leadership Assessment on my website. I really encourage people to share this link broadly. It is free to everyone and after the development cost – it is free to me so people can take it multiple times. Take it for people in your office, use it as a party game – just spread the word! I also encourage the participants to sign up for free blog feed. At most I post weekly and generally 2x/month. I would love to have guest posts from the group! I would like to make this a community resource – from the community for the community.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to speak to CCODN this evening!


    LinkedIn Groups
    • Group: Leadership Agility
    • Discussion: Is everyone is able to move through the different developmental stages?
    Good to remember that no one is really at one level. I think the magician can be very helpful in small doses if the inner Strategist is prominent (usually a mature magician) in most contexts.

    I also think that the individual is stressed far to much. Not only does research show the level we act from differs in different contexts but taking the leader out of the group may also be misguided (leadership does not reside in an individual but in a group or a group/individual interaction). For example, I think that Mandela had some kind of regular access to unitive consciousness but the only reason he could "lead" (I argued he did not really lead but acted as a catalyst - something I think only unitive can really do) was because of the concerted effort of the ANC to make him a "secular saint." It is easy to say it was him but in my opinion that would be a mistake (in Mandela's opinion as well). Putting the emphasis on Mandela would be to not recognize the bigger picture.
  • 15 Dec 2011 4:11 PM | Anonymous

    The results are in... and we now have three new members of the CCODN Board. 

    Congratulations goes out to the following:

    VP of Programs: Jill Kildow

    VP of Membership: Maggie Corder

    VP of Finance: Leslie Gant

    Jill, Maggie, and Leslie will assume their roles in January.

    Thank you to those of our members who cast your vote!   

  • 19 Oct 2011 7:30 PM | Anonymous

    Now that we're in the final quarter of 2011, it's time to start talking about elections for the CCODN Board!

    The Board consists of six elected positions, each serving staggered two-year terms.  This coming year, we will be looking to bring on three energetic, committeed, and action-oriented individuals to fill these key positions:

    General members will elect our new Board officers through an online vote in December, with the announcements of candidates at the November general meeting.  Here's a great opportunity to make a lasting impact to CCODN, and the OD field!

    In addition to the above, we're pleased to announce the addition of two new Committee Chair positions:

    • Social Committee Chair - Plan quarterly socials for CCODN members.
    • Special Events Committee Chair - Plan big-name events, workshops, or any large-scale event outside of the monthly meeting.

    The above two positions will be appointed by the new VP of Programs, and will serve a term of one year.  If you are looking to make a bigger impact, but don't want to run for an elected position for a term of two years, here's your chance.

    Interested?  Questions?  Recommend someone?  Contact Jason P. Miller, Election Chair at

  • 17 Oct 2011 6:58 PM | Anonymous

    Join Dr. Stuart Heller for an interactive full day workshop on October 28, discovering
    practical, immediately usable skills for everyday - and high stakes -
    situations. Learn to leverage small shifts that will greatly increase
    your capacity to get the important things done while handling
    life’s challenges of ambiguity and change.

    Who should attend?
    OD Practitioners, HR Professionals, Coaches and other Agents of
    Change who value practical, immediately usable, relevant learning
    that integrates with what you already know and with what you can do.

    Who is Dr. Heller?
    Dr. Stuart Heller is masterful at working with the most dif cult and
    important issues in work and life. He facilitates fast, effective and
    genuine results by integrating the non-verbal with what you already
    know and can do. Stuart is CEO of Walking Your Talk.

    Where do I register?

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