July Professional Development Program - Thank You Sheri Chaney Jones!

07 Aug 2016 1:02 PM | Anonymous

A special thanks to Sheri Chaney Jones, M.A., President, Measurement Resources Company, and author of Impact & Excellence: Data-driven Strategies for Aligning, Culture, and Performance in Nonprofit and Government Organizations (Jossey-Bass, 2014) for inspiring CCODN members at our July Professional Development Program with her passion for helping government, nonprofits, and small businesses achieve high performance. 

Sheri sees the story only concrete measurement can objectively tell and guides her clients to identify their social impact and how they change lives. And yet she demonstrates that measurement is but a key component of sustainable success. Sheri indicates that Data + Leadership, Defining Success & Culture = Excellence. 

In her experience, making it stick requires identifying (key sources of) dissatisfaction, clearly aligning with vision and taking the right first steps. These essentials are key to overcoming the resistance, which is an inevitable reality when introducing change. 

Sheri recently developed a model describing the characteristics of a High Achieving Social Sector Leader: PIONEER (dedicated to continuous improvement) PARTNER (collaborating within and outside the organization) PLAN (working an effective plan) PERSIST (execute with feedback loops) PIVOT (ride the wave of inevitable change) PROVE (own results). If you missed Sheri at CCODN, you can experience her enthusiasm and wisdom in a presentation at https://www.socialsectorleadersacademy.com/.  

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