Gleb Tsipursky, President and Co-Founder, Intentional Insights; Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University

  • 17 May 2017
  • Ashland University, Columbus OH

Help Clients Avoid Disasters Through Science-Based Decision-Making

 No one wants to make decisions that lead to disasters. Yet when was the last time your client regretted a decision in the workplace - one that cost money and time, brought about unnecessary stress and conflict, hurt reputations and team morale? Making decisions forms the basis for everything we do in our jobs and in life more broadly, making skills in this arena vital to our success. Few leaders get professional development in improving their decision-making, resulting in a cycle of regrettable decisions and bad outcomes. Effective decision-makers navigate a strategic environment of uncertainty, ambiguity, and change to coordinate multiple stakeholders with somewhat competing interests and differing personalities and thinking styles. Studies show that training in decision-making, especially ones that integrate both intuitive and analytical thinking into a synergistic whole, substantially improve the quality and effectiveness of decision-making in the workplace by individuals and teams. This presentation draws on research in decision-making and emotional and social intelligence as well as real-world case studies will help you assist your clients in optimizing the process of decision-making for leaders, teams, and organizations.  It will combine a TED-style presentation with group activities to maximize engagement.

About Dr. Gleb Tsipursky:

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky provides expertise in science-based decision-making and emotional and social intelligence to help leaders and organizations avoid disaster. He researches these topics as a tenure-track professor at The Ohio State University's Decision Sciences Collaborative and History Department. Gleb runs a nonprofit that popularizes science-based strategies for effective decision-making, goal achievement, emotional and social intelligence, meaning and purpose, mental and emotional well-being, and altruism in politics, business, and other life areas, Intentional Insights. He publishes articles on these topics in prominent venues, and appears regularly as a guest expert on TV, radio, podcasts, and videocasts. An Amazon best-selling author, he is most well-known for Find Your Purpose Using Science, and his Pro-Truth Politics: Fighting Post-Truth Politics and Alternative Facts with Behavioral Science is forthcoming. He does speaking and training, as well as consulting and coaching, for current and future leaders and teams in mid-size and large corporations and nonprofits. His personal website is, and you can email him at gleb (at) intentionalinsights (dot) org

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