Jan. Event: The Successful You: Towards Being a More Effective Leader

  • 22 Jan 2015
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Franklin University, Phillips Hall Room 220/220A, Columbus, 43215


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We are pleased to have Dr. Jane Wheeler join us to lead a  thought provoking conversation to explore where leadership and learning intermingle to create "The Successful You." 

Dr. Jane V. Wheeler is a professor in the Management Department at Bowling Green State University where she teaches primarily courses on leadership, organizational change, consulting, and research.  She is a past director of both the Master of Organizational Development Program and the Institute for Organizational Effectiveness at Bowling Green State University. (Complete Bio attached)   

The Successful You: 
Towards Being a More Effective Leader

John F. Kennedy once said “leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”  In this presentation you will hear of one way where leadership and learning intermingle to create “The Successful You.”  The Army has a slogan which says, “Be all you can be.”  Yet, this slogan can be viewed as more than just a catchy phrase.  It can represent a way of leading, learning, and ultimately living.  The slogan starts and ends with the simple word “Be.”  In between it challenges us with a desired action: “all you can.”  Laid out this way, the slogan frames our suggested action with our suggested being.  It recognizes that everything we are and can be about starts and ends with our ability to be.  In doing so, the slogan challenges each of us to step into ourselves.  As we do this, we open ourselves to the potential of more fully learning and living.  And, simply put, it also helps us move towards being more effective leaders.

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