Nov. Event: Ecosynomics - The Science of Abundance

  • 19 Nov 2014
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Franklin University, Frasch Hall Room 317, Columbus, 43215


  • Email Denton at for the super-secret code.

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We are pleased to have Maureen Metcalf and Doug Hartshorn help us learn about Ecosynomics and how we can create more abundance in our lives and cultures of abundance in our organizations.   

Ecosynomics – The Science of Abundance
In our jobs, teams, families, friendships, church and civic groups, monetary systems, and politics, we are engaging in sets of agreements, whether we realize it or not.  Sometimes these agreements work, resulting in great experiences and outcomes, and sometimes they do not.  Ecosynomics [eco-si-’na-mics] is a robust framework through which we can see the agreements that impact our experiences and how we can change them to get the experiences and outcomes we desire.

We all prefer abundance to scarcity, yet we tend to experience more scarcity than abundance.  We know the difference, and yet we accept agreements that produce scarcity.  We do not have to do this.  Our November event will show us how to bring more abundance into our lives.  We will learn from hearing about how the leadership of WCBE, our local National Public Radio station, with the help of Maureen Metacalf, is creating a future of new possibilities based on the principles of Ecosynomics--the Science of Abundance. 

During this program we will also discuss how CCODN can explore using Ecosynomics to increase the vibrancy of Columbus and our organizations (local, national and international). We can take the Ecosynomics assessment here for free before this event. If you would please indicate "CCODN" as your organization in your assessment, then our presenters can identify the applicable results for participants at this event.  

This event is in Frasch Hall, Room 317 (on the corner of Town St. and Grant Ave.; cater-corner to Columbus Metro Library and across from Grant Hospital). 

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