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Upcoming events

    • 21 Aug 2019
    • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Ashland University's Columbus Center - 1900 E. Dublin Granville Road. (use the front entrance of the building)

    August Event: How to Be Heard in a Noisy Business World

    Our workplaces are noisy operations competing for our limited time, attention, and energy.  When you have something important to say, finding your voice in that crowded business culture seems to require skill and experience that may feel out of reach.  In this talk, Kay Coughlin will deliver a simple technique that anyone can use anytime you need to be heard.  

    Creating a business environment that encourages open and honest communication among all participants is critical to moving projects and initiatives to success.   Leaders and team members know that the best solutions are the ones where everyone had an opportunity to contribute their ideas and experiences.   Don't waste another day by  letting urgent information and ideas go unspoken - learn "How to Be Heard in a Noisy Business World!"

    For this event, we welcome Kay Coughlin!

    Kay Coughlin is CEO and Chief Facilitator of Facilitator on Fire.  Kay has helped businesses of all sizes overcome roadblocks that get in the way of success, growth, and alignment.  Kay's specialty is working with multi-generational teams and their leaders.  The one thing that all of Kay's clients have in common is this: after working with her they all say, "I felt heard. You made it possible for us to really hear each other.  And, we know how we can take action now."

    Facilitator on Fire is highly focused on making sure their work with leaders, managers, and teams results in higher performance, greater happiness, a more supportive environment, and a "can-do" attitude.

    Kay honed her skills as a team facilitator and creator of action and alignment in the high-stakes worlds of non-profit management and major gift fundraising.  She was recognized on a national level for her innovative work in the field of donor relations, which is the non-profit equivalent of customer service.  When she founded Facilitator on Fire, she quickly realized all types of businesses and their teams deserve the chance to identify and overcome behaviors and patterns that keep them from moving forward.

    To stay in touch with Kay and subscribe to the Great Teams On Purpose Resource, visit FacilitatorOnFire.net.

    • 18 Sep 2019
    • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Ashland University's Columbus Center - 1900 E. Dublin Granville Road. (use the front entrance of the building)

    SEPTEMBER EVENT:  GREAT… you’ve undertaken Agile!  Now what?

    In this session, we will distinguish what Agile is and how different people and organizations view what it means.  Understanding what is involved when integrating Agile into your organization is critically important as Agile will solve certain problems, and it can create other issues.  

    So many factors to consider and think about!!

     Jim Canterucci, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as his entire career has focused on both the art and science of leading large organizational change initiatives.  

    Come join us to explore specifically how Agile works with organizational change methodology and techniques. 

    Jim is the founder of Transition Management Advisors and tech startup Constituent Hub. Through his entire career, he has shared his knowledge and expertise through writing, speaking, training, modeling and providing executive advice on the critical skill of leading organizational change.

    In 2017, the software firm Constituent Hub was established. Constituent Hub is enterprise software designed to automate the process of leading large organizational change.

    Jim has published extensively including the books Change Project Management – The Next Step, and Personal Brilliance – Mastering the Everyday Habits that Create a Lifetime of Success. He writes weekly to executive leaders.

    Jim graduated with a bachelor's degree in Finance from Ohio State after growing up in Niles, Ohio. He is a past president of the National Speakers Association Ohio chapter, past board member of CHOICES for Victims of Domestic Violence, as well as an advisor to The Ohio State Leadership Center.

    • 01 Oct 2019
    • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Embassy Suites by Hilton 2700 Corporate Exchange Drive Columbus, Ohio 43231

    October Event: Design Thinking Basics for Organization Change Management Professionals

    Register for this event HERE

    In collaboration with the Ohio Chapter of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP), we're excited to announce this interactive event! We'll explore the basics of design thinking, and ways we as OD Professionals can apply design thinking principles in our work. More details to come.

    Our guest will be Heidi Munc, Vice President of User Experience at Nationwide in Columbus, Ohio

    Heidi is a user experience expert and creative problem solver. With over 20 years of experience, Heidi has successfully demonstrated the value of using design thinking to solve business problems in large organizations. She is a tireless advocate for both user-centered design and the power of leveraging the design process to solve large complex problems.

    As VP of User Experience, Heidi has assembled and led cross-functional teams that align business goals with user goals and deliver great user experiences. Heidi and her team are accountable for experience strategy, design research, and creative for both digital and non-digital channels and touchpoints used by consumers, agents, advisors, call center representatives and other internal associates across the Nationwide Enterprise. Her team not only improves experiences, but products and services as well.

    Recently, Heidi’s team lead the creation of the customer experience framework that is being rolled out to the enterprise to unite associates in delivering an improved customer experience in the moments that matter most.

    Prior to Nationwide, Heidi led design teams at AOL and Netscape, and worked for several mid-sized digital agencies.

    Heidi graduated cum laude from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

Past events

17 Jul 2019 July: J Liu Social Event
29 Jun 2019 Intensive Learning Workshop--A Small Group: Building Communities and Engagement
19 Jun 2019 June: Cooperative Learning among OD Professionals
15 May 2019 May Event: Improvisation for OD Professionals
17 Apr 2019 April Event: Building a Change Capability within your Organization - Two Perspectives
20 Mar 2019 March Event: Designing Meaningful Development Experiences At Work
20 Feb 2019 Navigating Power & Politics to Deliver Results
16 Jan 2019 January Event: Employee Experience in the Virtual Office of the Future
05 Dec 2018 December Event: Holiday Gathering
17 Nov 2018 November Event: Developing Powerfully Effective Teams
17 Oct 2018 October Event: Organizational Change Leadership - Crucial Conversations with Sponsors
19 Sep 2018 September Event: Social Enterprise - The Impact Model of the Future
15 Aug 2018 August Networking Event
21 Jul 2018 July Board Meeting
18 Jul 2018 July Event: Yoda Am I: Executive Story Telling for OD Professionals
20 Jun 2018 June Event: Talent Development In Columbus Ohio: As OD Professionals, How Do We Maximize Our Future Impact?
16 May 2018 May Event: Implementing a Coaching Culture in your Organization
18 Apr 2018 April Event: Spring Networking Social
14 Apr 2018 April Board Meeting--Cancelled
21 Mar 2018 March Event: Making a Difference with our Presence
21 Feb 2018 A Small Group: Conversations that Transform Communities
10 Feb 2018 February Board Meeting
17 Jan 2018 Profitable Growth Through Leadership, Talent and Technology
13 Jan 2018 2018 Strategic Planning Gathering
13 Dec 2017 2017 CCODN Holiday Gathering at The Refectory!
15 Nov 2017 The Neuroscience of Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ): Why Every Word Matters
18 Oct 2017 The Impact of Professional Coaching on Major Organizational Initiatives: The Synergy Between Coaching and Organization Development
16 Aug 2017 Sharing Best Practices at Express Scripts: The Digital Coach Toolbox
19 Jul 2017 Being More Human: Building Cultures of Authenticity
21 Jun 2017 June 21- CCODN Summer Networking Social - Bar Louie Easton
17 May 2017 Help Clients Avoid Disaster Through Science-Based Decision Making
17 May 2017 Gleb Tsipursky, President and Co-Founder, Intentional Insights; Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University
01 Apr 2017 Board Meeting
22 Mar 2017 March 22 CCODN Spring Networking Social - A Night of Networking and Murder Mystery
15 Feb 2017 February 2017 Professional Development Program - Exploring the Impact of Emerging Trends on Organization Development
18 Jan 2017 January 2017 Professional Development Program - The 7 Habits of Happy People. Improving Your Sense of Well Being
14 Dec 2016 2016 Holiday Wine Tasting Social at The Refectory!
16 Nov 2016 November 2016 Professional Development Program - Leadership 2050: Building Your Ability to Change Large Organizations
19 Oct 2016 October 2016 Professional Development Program: The Performance Circle and the Four Conversations
21 Sep 2016 Fall Networking Social at Matt Millers in Grandview
17 Aug 2016 August Professional Development Program: Essence Talks – A Personal Connection to Best Practices & Techniques
20 Jul 2016 July Professional Development Program: The Hidden Success Factor to Organizational Outcomes
15 Jun 2016 Summer Networking Social at J. Liu
18 May 2016 May 2016 Professional Development Program at The Thurber House
20 Apr 2016 April Professional Development Program: Strategy Development & Deployment
16 Mar 2016 Spring Social at Graystone Wine Cellar
17 Feb 2016 February Program: Hot Chicken Takeover - Revolutionary Organizational Development
08 Dec 2015 CCODN Holiday Networking at The Refectory!
18 Nov 2015 November Program: Organizational Health - Servant Leadership Model
21 Oct 2015 October Event: Speed Problem Solving (similar to Speed Dating)
16 Sep 2015 Performance Reviews Are Dead, Long Live (What)???
19 Aug 2015 HOLD THE DATE: CCODN World Cafe Vision Planning Workshop
15 Jul 2015 July Event: Summer Networking Social at Flip Side Burger
17 Jun 2015 CULTURE REJUVENATION: Shaping a Values-Driven Culture
18 Mar 2015 March Event: Spring Networking Social at J. Liu
18 Feb 2015 Feb. Event: Building Commitment for Planned Change
22 Jan 2015 Jan. Event: The Successful You: Towards Being a More Effective Leader
16 Dec 2014 CCODN & COASTD Holiday Networking at The Refectory!
19 Nov 2014 Nov. Event: Ecosynomics - The Science of Abundance
15 Oct 2014 Oct. Event: 10 Steps to Leading Everyday Innovation
17 Sep 2014 September Event: Fall Networking Social at Matt the Miller's in Grandview
20 Aug 2014 August Event: Conflict Strategies Workshop
16 Jul 2014 July Event: Summer Networking Social at J. Liu
18 Jun 2014 June Event: Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change
21 May 2014 May Event: Organizational Design: More than the Practice of Boxology
16 Apr 2014 April Event: Get ahead of the Curve in 2014!
19 Mar 2014 March Event: Spring Networking at FlipSide Easton!
19 Feb 2014 Feb. Event: Strategic Value, Design and Roles of the Change Management Office
15 Jan 2014 Jan. Event: Using Metrics and Rewards to Capture the Imagination of the Workforce
12 Dec 2013 CCODN & COASTD Holiday Networking at The Refectory!
20 Nov 2013 Nov. Event: More than a gut feeling: quantifying change to garner leadership support for your internal projects
23 Oct 2013 CCODN Fall Networking Event!
18 Sep 2013 Sep. Event: Innovative Leaders Approach to Transforming Organizations
13 Aug 2013 August Joint Event: Getting Business Results Through Growth: Are you Rebel-with-a-Cause-Enough to Make it Happen?
31 Jul 2013 BGSU MOD OPEN House
17 Jul 2013 July Event: The Birkman Method Workshop
19 Jun 2013 June Event: The Art and Science of Leadership Assessment & Development
15 May 2013 May FREE Event: Your CCODN - Leveraging Appreciative Inquiry for Collective Forward Movement
17 Apr 2013 April Event: Second Annual Poster Session: Local OD Leaders Share Cutting Edge Solutions!
19 Mar 2013 Creating A Culture Of Continuous Improvement – Open Mic Night
20 Feb 2013 New Year, New You: Future OD Trends & Our Development
16 Jan 2013 January Event: Leveraging Coaching for Leadership Development
13 Dec 2012 CCODN & COASTD Holiday Networking
14 Nov 2012 Working Together When You're Not Together: Leading Virtual Teams in a Global Complex World
17 Oct 2012 Innovate Your Way to Success: Picking the Brains of Columbus’ Most Innovative Business Leaders
19 Sep 2012 CCODN September Meeting: "Leadership Lessons from the Penn State Scandal"
15 Aug 2012 Generations at Work!
18 Jul 2012 The Journey of Conscious Leadership
21 Jun 2012 CCODN June 21 Event: Engagement & The Carrot Principle
16 May 2012 CCODN May 16 Event - How Great Leaders Lead Change
18 Apr 2012 April Event: Local OD Leaders Share Cutting Edge Solutions
21 Mar 2012 March Event: Strategic Communication Choice, Organizational Culture, and Change Management
23 Feb 2012 CCODN February 2012 Event: Operational Intelligence
18 Jan 2012 CCODN January 2012 Event: Innovative Leadership
15 Dec 2011 CCODN & COASTD Holiday Networking
16 Nov 2011 CCODN November Event: The Successful You: Towards Being a More Effective Leader
20 Oct 2011 CCODN October Event: Measuring and Shaping Organizational Culture
15 Sep 2011 Disruptions, Disinterest, and Denial...Oh My! The "What Would You Do?" Boot Camp for OD Professionals
18 Aug 2011 Open Space Experience and Practitioner Dialogue- Co-presented by CCODN, COASTD and Central Ohio Coaches
21 Jul 2011 A Taste of World Cafe: An Experiential Session and Practitioner Dialogue
16 Jun 2011 "That Doesn't Mean That Anymore" - Improving Your Multi-Generational Relationships at Work
20 May 2011 Workshop - May, 20th The Integrated Change Plan

Interested in Speaking Opportunities?

If you would like to submit a program or speaker suggestion, please contact our VP of Professional Development.  

Please note the criteria for how we select speakers and programs

  • Program must be linked to our overall organization mission and objectives
  • Topic must be informed by market research and meet a learning need of our members
  • Program must tie theory to practice with a "sample work plan" or other similar process that provides a causal link to organizational performance 

Want to get the best meeting rate AND secure your seat at the next event?

Make sure to RSVP online by 5 PM the day before the event. We close advanced registration at that time so that we may get an accurate headcount for catering, materials and supplies.

Cancellation/No-Show Policy:
We look forward to seeing you at our monthly event! We know you plan to attend yet could have a last-minute change in schedule. Whether you’ve pre-paid or have registered and plan to pay at the door, you will still be invoiced for your attendance to cover our expenses. Thank you for kindly understanding.

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